Rules of Engagement

We have no intention of fueling the “fake news” phenomenon that has gained traction the last few years. And we also have no intention of making unsubstantiated claims against a person’s character or using any jedi mind tricks to make our arguments (straw men, red herrings, or ad hominem attacks). With that in mind, we pledge to adhere to the following guidelines in any post we make:

  1. We will provide links to articles substantiating our claims
  2. Since we are actively promoting Democrats, wherever possible those links will be to Fox News or another commonly known right leaning site
  3. We will keep a calm, respectful tone and not resort to personal attacks
  4. In the event we write a post that has a good amount of speculation or emotional content, we will tag that post as “opinion”

We do this, of course, because we want to convince you to vote for Democrats. But we also do this because that is how our political debate should function: if you have a position, and you believe in that position, you should be prepared to offer actual facts and evidence to back up your claims. If we fail to adhere to these guidelines, please call us out.