What is this all about?

We are living in an era of extreme partisanship. It is toxic. It makes communication difficult, creates mine fields in our relationships, makes it nearly impossible to even agree on basic things anymore.

The fatigue is real. Turn on the news at any given moment and you’re treated to one of two options: people on opposite sides of the aisle screaming at each other, or a bunch of yes men in their carefully crafted reality bubble agreeing with each other on everything. Neither is helpful to our national discourse.

The fact is, we are more divided than we have been since the Civil War. How we got here is important, but even more so is how do we get through this?

Vote. Vote at every opportunity, and vote for Democrats.

Are you someone that voted for Trump? Did you do so because he was a Republican, you voted for Bush, and you couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton? Did you vote for him because he promised to shake things up?

Good. This site is for you specifically.

This site is not purely propaganda for the Democratic party. This site is for people that can see that our system of government depends on checks and balances. It depends on our elected officials being held accountable for their actions. If they won’t hold each other accountable because they happen to be in the same party, they are abdicating their duty and violating the trust placed in them by their constituents.

Republicans are in power. They hold the presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the majority of governorships and state legislatures. This country that we live in, this moment when we are at each other’s throats constantly, where everything is spin, everything is seen through a partisan lens, all the scandals, the corruption, tearing down relations with our closest allies, this is because of the people in power. And the people in power at every level of our government are Republicans.

Vote them out.

Democrats are not blameless. Democrats are not angels, perfect beacons of humanity. They contributed to this fiasco as well. But our system of government requires balance, and right now we are way, way out of balance. When one party gets so much power that the only oversight on them is other members of their party, and then they refuse to hold their party members accountable, then that system of checks and balances breaks down. And the only way to put it back together is to vote into office the only group of people that can be relied upon to take these people to task. And that group of people are represented by the Democratic party.

This does not suggest that we should all vote for Democrats forever and ever, amen. Blind loyalty to a party is what got us here with the Republicans. In a few years, perhaps this will seem like a bad collective dream we all had, and our elected officials will have some semblance of bipartisanship, will have to compromise to pass legislation, will no longer be able to behave as corruptly as they please knowing their cronies will turn a blind eye to it.

This article by Benjamin Wittes and Jonathan Rauch is an excellent summary of this viewpoint: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/03/boycott-the-gop/550907/

So I ask you: whatever your individual policy position may be on immigration, fiscal responsibility, government regulation, or any other policy, if you value a functioning democracy that is able to hold its officials accountable when they do something wrong, please vote for Democrats. For now.